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When: Sunday 8th October 2023


'Bright Community Bank 21.1km Run' - Start on Great Valley Trail (GVT) on corner of Tawonga Gap Road and Old Harrietville Road in Germantown, run along the Trail passing Freeburgh and Smoko Camp Grounds to the Harrietville Trout Farm, then  to the Finish at Tavare Park, Harrietville. 


'Dickens Real Estate 10.5km Run/Walk' - Starting on GVT @ McMahons Lane carpark or 2km North of Smoko Camp Ground, Smoko, then along the GVT to the Finish at Tavare Park, Harrietville. 


'Mountain View Retreat 5km Run/Walk' - Start at the Harrietville Trout Farm along the Shared Trail to Finish at Tavare Park, Harrietville.


'Alpine Valley Getaways 2km Run/Walk' - Start at Howards Bridge, along the Shared Trail to Tavare Park.




GVT HHM 21.1km.png


'Bright Community Bank 21.1km'(Half Marathon) : Male/Female 18yrs old and over

Starting at : 7.30am


'Dickens Real Estate10.5km Run/Walk' : Male/Female 12yrs old and over

Starting at: 8am


'Mountain View Retreat 5km Run/Walk' : Male/Female 4yrs old and over

Starting at: 9.15am


'Alpine Valley Getaways 2km Run/Walk' :  Male/Female 4-12yrs old and 13+ (open)

Starting at: 9.45am





  2023 Registration coming soon.


Registration is easy! Simply click the 'Register Here' button on the Home page. 

Or  'Contact Us'


All online race entries must be received by 12 Noon, Friday 30th September 2022


Late entries will be accepted this year at Bib Pick Up times on Saturday 1st October and 1hr before your event at the Start Line on Race Day! $$Cash only and correct money appreciated!


Early Bird Prices - UP TO 9th Sept 2022

'Bright Community Bank 21.1Km'  - $40

'Dickens Real Estate 10Km Run/Walk'  - $30

'Mountain View Retreat 5Km Run/Walk'  - $20 

'Alpine Valley Getaways 2Km Run/Walk'  - $8


Late Entry Prices - AFTER 9th Sept 2022

'Bright Community Bank 21.1Km'  - $50

'Dickens Real Estate 10Km Run/Walk'  - $35

'Mountain View Retreat 5Km Run/Walk'  - $25 

'Alpine Valley Getaways 2Km Run/Walk' - $10


Pre Race Bib Pick up

  • Saturday 1st October from 4pm-8pm

       Harrietville Hall, Great Alpine Road, Harrietville.

  • Race Bib pick up will also be open 1hour before the race at the start lines







tSunday 8th October


21.1km, Race Bib Pick Up 6.30-7am at the Start line. Briefing at 7.20am


10.5km, Race Bib Pick Up 7-7.30am at the Start Line. Briefing at 7.50am.

Note: Firepit to warm you again this year! AND bus to pick you up at Bright to take you to Start Line in time. BE AT HALF MARATHON START LINE BY 7AM! 


5km  Race Bib Pick Up 8.15-8.45am at the Trout Farm. Briefing at 9.05am. 


2km Race Bib Pick Up 9-9.30am. Briefing at 9.40am





Waterstations, toilets and First Aid assistance will be located roughly every 5kms for runners competing in the 21.1km  It's advised that all runners carry necessary equipment they may require during the race & do not rely on these waterstations,

Note 2023 10.5k Start - Firepit  


A waterstation (you are encouraged to bring your own water bottle/cup) and various stalls will be located at the Finish area in Tavare Park.

Toilets are available at 21.1km start, Freeburgh Hall, 10.5km start, 5km start and in Pioneer Park near the Finish.


No Parking at 5km Start Line!!

There will be a FREE bus to transport runners to 21.1, 10 & 5km start lines from Pioneer Park, Harrietville.

Departure times - 21.1km 6.15am, 10km from 6.30am. 5km from 7.50am.

Bus will make multiple trips*

*New - FREE bus to 10.5km start, departing 21km start line (Germantown) @ 6.45am.

We strongly recommend staying overnight in Harrietville (see Where to Stay page).



Clothing & other items you want to drop off at the Start line will be transported, entirely at your own risk, to the Finish area. Please have in closed bag and clearly labelled.


Half Marathon - Parking on roadside on cnr Tawonga Gap Rd & Old Harrietville Rd, Germantown and West of Jn of Tawonga Gap Rd and Great Alpine Rd.

10.5km - At the end of McMahons Lane Vehicle Track, Smoko

2KM - Paddock, corner Cemetery Ln & GAR.


Follow 'Parking' signs


8th October:    Post-Race Lunch 


Presentations will be held at the Rotunda in Tavare Park, Harrietville when all participants have finished their events.

Medals will be awarded to both female and male winners of each age category and overall female and male first, second and third place getters for the Half Marathon. 

Also Alpine Valley male and female winners of the Half Marathon receive a perpetual and personal trophy.

NEWS!! $200 cash prize to overall male and female 21.1km winners

AND cash $ prizes for overall male and female 2nd & 3rd.

There will be random prize draws for all participants 


Event Categories:

Boy/Girl aged 4-7 years

Boy/Girl aged 8-12 years

Boy/Girl aged 13-17 years

Male/Female aged 18-39 years

Male/Female aged 40 - 59 years.

Male/Female Open (13yrs+) 2km Event only

 Male/female  60+ years

NB: Celebrating 'mature-older' age Fitness and Health we have added an extra, >60yrs prize category to all events this year




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